Collaborators Join Us
Faculty and practitioners actively engaged with improving student experiences and interested in creating exciting educational experiences for students can become AHEAD21 Collaborators and join others in sharing ideas and materials. AHEAD21 Collaborators are individuals who are passionate about creating innovative experiences and take an active role in developing their own course materials and sharing their insights with other collaborators.
Collaborators are current faculty at universities and colleges. AHEAD21 believes that arts integration can benefit all disciplines. Because Collaborators are the backbone of AHEAD21′s mission there are responsibilities associated with being recognized as an AHEAD21 Collaborators. Collaborators must be willing to provide course material under an open source non-commercial use agreement so that any faculty member at any institution in the world may benefit from the submitted material without incurring a financial expense, Collaborators are expected to be engaged and active participants in higher education efforts to integrate the arts, and Collaborators are expected to keep the AHEAD21 community abreast of ongoing or new developments they feel might be valuable.

As an AHEAD21 Collaborator you will have full access to AHEAD21′s resources which include sample syllabi, sample course assignments, lectures, other media, and an ever growing network of individuals ready, willing, and able to share their insights with you. Most importantly of all, as a collaborator you will be apart of a community that is actively navigating the challenging seas of arts integration.

Excited yet? Than email us or complete the form below to start the process of becoming an AHEAD21 Collaborator and let you imagination be the only limit of your pedagogical approach.