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    The collaboration between a college/university and cultural institution has its rewards, for both the faculty and students. However, such a collaboration does take some effort. What are some of the challenges and difficulties of creating collaborations between cultural institutions and colleges/universities?


    Gaurav Mike Bawa

    Very interesting topic. I believe paramount among the challenges is the cost. What is the magic number at which both the college/university and cultural institution find it beneficial to participate in such a collaborative endeavor.


    Mehran Ghaffarsamar

    Agreed, Mike. What’s more, I tend to believe these sort of partnerships can often be logistic nightmares — what with the potential for many a moving part involved. Perhaps a model for streamlining such partnerships is what’s most needed …


    Michelle Wang

    It’s important to think about “how to foster a culture of collaboration between college/university and cultural institution”. The challenges could be uncertainty about the potential benefits of working together and the difficulty on both sides of finding the time for initial exploratory conversations and discussing the the vision of collaboration. How to motivate faculty to participate in joint project is another challenge.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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