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Instructional Resources
AHEAD21 is committed to innovative and creative aproaches to pedagogy. Our Resource Library contains materials such as sample syllabi, assignments, video lectures, and suggested readings that can be used to integrate the arts into various courses.

Complete access to the instructional resources is only available to AHEAD21 Collaborators.
Visitors can search our resources but will only be provided with a preview of material. The Resource Library is the beginning of a global curricular toolkit. However, this is only possible through collaborative efforts. All of the material provided on AHEAD21 is open source and can be used for non-commercial purposes. Every item has been contributed by faculty at multiple institutions but reflects the respective faculty's approach. Perhaps you have an assignment that has really engaged your students through the arts or you may have an idea to revise an existing assignment in the Resource Library. If so, consider becoming an AHEAD21 Collaborator and sharing your insights with us. Start the process by clicking here.